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RM bld.

This plan is a project won by a proposal competition recruited nationwide.
I struggled as an architect to tackle the use of tenant buildings, where business profitability is the first priority.
In order to obtain high business feasibility, we adopted wooden CLT for the floor structure, which is the first attempt in Hokkaido.
This will reduce the weight of each floor building by 30% and the amount of steel used by 20% to reduce LCCO2.
Due to the reduced weight, the beam can be reduced and the floor height can be suppressed.
As a result, we were able to increase the density of space utilization and keep the standard floor height of the office to 3000 mm.
It became a tenant building with 1 basement floor and 10 floors above ground for a building with a maximum height of 32 m.
In addition, by using triple glass with high heat insulation on the entire road surface, we have created a sense of transparency while reducing maintenance costs, and have a sense of openness so that it becomes one with the city.

Location / Sapporo, Hokkaido

Main use / office

Design / Ryuji Yamashita Architects

GK Kazuhiko Ishizuka Atelier

Structure / Katsuhiko Yamawaki Architectural Structural Design

Equipment / Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Construction / Hagiwara Construction Industry Co., Ltd.

Number of floors / 1 basement floor 10 floors above ground

Building area / 160.86㎡

Total floor area / 1494.19㎡

Completion / September 2020

Matsubara Building Proposal Competition Grand Prize

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