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Moiwa Kita House

It is a house where two parents and children live, a husband and a mother.
My husband's hobby is tinkering with soil, and he bought a three-dimensional site with a field at the end of the hill.
However, in order to climb the hill, I had to make a large detour, and I thought of a way to connect by architecture.
We planned a spiral road leading to the hill so that the cat (tricycle) could carry the soil from bottom to top.
Two buildings were built to support the road, and a staircase was set up to build a suspension bridge between the buildings.
Each room has a window leading to the road. The road became a veranda that expanded the room and became a migratory garden.

Location / Sapporo, Hokkaido

Main use / private housing

Design / Ryuji Yamashita Architects

GK Kazuhiko Ishizuka Atelier

Structure / Kosaku Ando Structural Planning Office

Construction / Foresta Co., Ltd.

Number of floors / 2 floors above ground

Building area / 82.30㎡

Total floor area / 139.44㎡

Completion / June 2018

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