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house and garage

The site is a new residential area called Village, where Midorino Kita lives in Namporo Town, Hokkaido. As a rule of the town, two lots of land are purchased, and one of them prohibits the building of buildings. It is a town that proposes a low-density, green and generous lifestyle. The town has a small community due to its low density, and the neighbors live in harmony. Therefore, I thought that it was important to ensure privacy at home because the eyes of the neighborhood were good. The owner is a family of four, a couple and two children. My husband's hobby is playing with cars and motorcycles, and he wanted a space for that and a garage where he could see the car from inside the house. The plan was to divide the building into two, a residential building and a garage building. By separating the specifications, the specifications are suitable for each of the heat insulation performance and seismic performance, and the cost is reduced. By facing the two buildings, you can see the car from anywhere in the house and block the line of sight of the neighborhood. A transparent roof was hung on the courtyard in between, and a wall was made with louver doors to create a semi-outdoor intermediate area. A barbecue under the roof in the summer and a louver covered with a film in the winter create a greenhouse space where you can enjoy the nature of Namporo throughout the year. Since the house can be ventilated with the outside air warmed by the greenhouse space, energy saving effect can be expected. Husbands can play around in the garage, children can play in the courtyard, and wives can spend time doing housework at home. It became a continuous space.

Location / Namporo-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido

Main use / private housing

Design / Ryuji Yamashita Architects

Structure / J Building System Co., Ltd.

Construction / Okuno Komuten Co., Ltd.

Rinoa Co., Ltd.

Number of floors / 2 floors above ground

Building area / 101.86㎡

Total floor area / 153.65㎡

Completion / June 2021

Northern housing 2020

BELS acquisition

UA value / 0.28 BEI / 0.71 C value / 0.15

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