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How to proceed with the design


First of all, please contact us by e-mail or phone, and we will ask you for an interview and talk.
Please tell us what you want to achieve, what is important in building your home, your budget, your lifestyle, etc.
We will help you even from the stage of searching for land.


Based on the information received in the hearing, after conducting a field survey and confirming related laws and regulations, drawings and perspective sketches,
We will propose a plan using a model etc.
The building will not be as proposed at this stage. Please check the compatibility.
Please feel free to contact us as there is no cost up to this point.


You can move to the next stage by signing a contract.

basic design

We will hold repeated meetings to discuss the concept, floor plan, building shape, and other outlines until we are satisfied.
A compilation of basic design documents such as floor plans, elevations, and cross-sections.

​final design

Based on the basic design document, we will make a detailed design such as specifications and create an implementation design document that will also be a drawing for construction estimation.
We make confirmation applications, permit applications, and various applications based on laws and regulations.

​Estimate adjustment

We will request a quotation from the construction company based on the created drawing.
If there is no particular construction company you want, we will request a quotation from several companies, scrutinize the contents of the quotation, and give advice on selecting a contractor.
If the estimated amount does not fit your budget, we will make design changes and make various adjustments.

Construction starts

It supervises whether the construction is done according to the drawing and whether the construction is done properly.


We will witness various administrative inspections such as completion inspections of government offices.
It will be handed over when the construction is completed safely.

After-sales follow-up

I will visit the regular inspection with the construction company.
If you have any other problems or requests, we will respond.

Estimated amount of business compensation

For new housing construction: About 10% of the construction cost (excluding tax) will be charged. We will consult with you regarding the payment timing.
Structural design fee: When requesting structural design from a structural design office, a structural design fee will be charged separately.
Equipment design fee: When requesting equipment design from an equipment design office, an equipment design fee will be charged separately.
Others: If you are far away, you may be charged for transportation. * We support anywhere in Japan.

About warranty

We are a member of the "Architect Liability Guarantee System". Under this system, compensation will be paid if the building is damaged during construction due to mistakes in the design or drawings by the architect, or if the building becomes defective after completion.

About design of business property

The business fee for new construction design supervision is the business fee standard according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Notification No. 98, and the business fee for interior design supervision is
It will be calculated according to the compensation standard guidelines by the Japan Interior Designers Association.
We have a wide range of design achievements such as restaurants, retail stores, offices, roadside stations, factories, warehouses, apartment buildings, and elderly homes.
Please feel free to contact us.

Since the architect does not have a contractual relationship with the construction company, it is not bound by the profits and value standards of the construction company.
We will be close to you as an independent expert.
Therefore, it is possible to build an uncompromising building at a reasonable price.
It seems that it will be expensive if you often ask an architect, but that is not the case.

In the case of a construction shop or a house maker, the design fee is often recorded as a construction cost.

Architects are not the only ones paying design fees.

The larger you become, the higher the profit margin.

By designing and supervising by the architect, the profit margin of the construction company can be lowered and the total price can be reduced.

Architect's position

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