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child and child and child and child

It is a house of a family of 6 with a couple and 4 children. The owner's request was to keep the total floor area within 40 tsubo and to give each child a private room. The four children are close to each other and are close brothers who are always playing together. I was worried that the creation of a private room would divide my family's relationship, so I thought of a space where I could feel a connection even if I was in a private room. A playroom was set up in the center of the house, four children's rooms were placed facing each other, and a 700 mm step and a window were provided between the playroom and the children's room. By opening the window, the floor of the playroom becomes a large desk, and four people can study face-to-face. The playroom and children's room will be a series of spaces, and the playground will be expanded. By making the top plate of the desk glass, you can look into it from the first floor, so you can check how you are doing your homework and you will be freed from the loneliness of studying. Even if you are playing noisy, you can watch the situation on the first floor while staying away from the hustle and bustle. Even if you close the window, you can feel the sign through the glass, and you can also close the curtain to cut off the sign. We aimed to create a space where you can connect with your family through various senses of distance, rather than the bipolar relationship of a private room and a large room, and one person and a large number of people.

Location / Hokkaido

Main use / private housing

Design / Ryuji Yamashita Architects

Construction / Kobayashi Shoten Co., Ltd.

Number of floors / 2 floors above ground

Building area / 69.56㎡

Total floor area / 125.65㎡

Completion / October 2021

BELS acquisition

UA value /0.30 BEI /0.84

Photo / Ikuya Sasaki

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